Theft by Conversion

Georgia Theft By Conversion Lawyers

According to Georgia law, theft by conversion is when you lawfully obtain another person's money or property and convert it to your own use. Theft by conversion is also applicable to rental property that you fail to return to its owner upon demand. In Georgia, theft by conversion is charged as a misdemeanor if the value of the money or property is less than $500. However, if the value of the money or property is greater than $500, then you will likely be facing felony charges.

To defend yourself against theft by conversion charges or allegations, you need a criminal defense attorney experienced in Georgia theft by conversion laws. A felony conviction for theft by conversion has serious consequences. Not only could you be sentenced to prison for up to 10 years, but you could lose your job or have difficulty getting hired, and lose important rights, such as the right to legally possess a firearm and the right to vote.

Atlanta Theft By Conversion Attorneys

The experienced Atlanta theft by conversion attorneys at Conaway & Strickler, P.C., are here to help you:

  • Clear your name
  • Defend yourself against theft by conversion charges
  • Protect your valuable legal and civil rights

Being charged with theft by conversion can be an emotionally draining and stressful experience. Your decision to secure an experienced criminal defense attorney is one you'll be glad you made. A skilled defense attorney will ensure you are fully and aggressively represented in court.

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