Conaway & Strickler, P.C., is the law firm to call when you are facing federal larceny charges in Georgia. We not only have two decades of experience in federal and state courts - we have a proven track record of winning cases. Our secret? We employ a proactive defense that almost always includes an independent forensic investigation along with skillful negotiation with prosecutors.

When the feds are presented with the weaknesses in their case, they often will agree to lesser charges or reduced penalties. A favorable plea bargain can be negotiated or, in some cases, a total dismissal of charges is attained. Recognized by Newsweek as one of the best criminal defense firms in the country, the Georgia larceny lawyers at Conaway & Strickler, P.C., are here to help defend you against federal larceny charges.

Atlanta Larceny Attorneys

If you've been charged in a federal larceny case, our best advice to you is to stop talking to federal investigators. Invoke your constitutional right to an attorney and do not talk to federal agents until you have consulted with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. The experienced Atlanta larceny attorneys at Conaway & Strickler, P.C., will help you understand your rights and options.

A conviction for larceny at the federal level can result in a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. In addition, you could lose your job, your home, and some of your most important civil rights. Don't let federal larceny charges ruin your life. When fighting federal larceny charges, you want a law firm with experience and a reputation for winning. Contact Conaway & Strickler, P.C., today to get started on your defense.