Obstruction Of Justice

The crime of obstruction of justice is often misunderstood as it can vary widely in terms of severity and the type of conduct included. While a person can be charged with obstruction of justice for making a false statement to police and only receiving a misdemeanor, it can also be charged in more serious matters that involve the federal court system or federal investigations. When involving a federal case, obstruction of justice is usually a felony punishable by both a lengthy prison sentence and substantial fines.

Most charges of obstruction of justice are filed when a person refuses to cooperate with police or withholds evidence, usually in a nonviolent manner. The law is vague on what constitutes obstruction, giving authorities the opportunity to apply the charge in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Resisting arrest
  • Fleeing from a law enforcement officer
  • Tampering with a witness or evidence
  • Concealing evidence
  • Lying to investigators
  • Bribery or soliciting bribes in connection with a judicial proceeding

Any of these may lead to an obstruction of justice charge. Many times a person may not even know what they did wrong or why they are being arrested. It is a matter of perception on the part of the police or authorities, leading often to the arrest of someone that did not intend to break the law.

Atlanta Obstruction Of Justice Attorneys

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