Protection Against Charges Of Child Enticement

In Georgia, it's illegal to entice, lure, proposition or transport a child to any location with the purpose of sexually exploiting or molesting the child, or performing any other indecent act.

As they should, the state of Georgia and the federal government take allegations and charges of "enticing a child for indecent purposes" very seriously. Prosecutors seek to penalize wrongdoers harshly. With this in mind, those charged with enticing a child for indecent purposes should immediately seek legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight these charges.

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The defense attorneys at Conaway & Strickler P.C. understand the life-shattering effect that allegations and charges of this nature can have. We know that sex offense charges require experience and special techniques in order to provide clients with the best defense possible. We have extensive criminal defense experience in both state and federal courts and are committed to providing every client with the strongest legal protection.

Our attorneys work closely with criminal investigators, computer forensic examiners, psychologists, and medical experts to investigate your case and build a solid defense. If there is a weakness in the prosecution, we will find it and leverage it to your advantage. Our goal in every case is to win.

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The consequences of child enticement charges are severe. We're here to protect you against them.

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