In Georgia, if you ask or try to coerce someone to do something that is illegal, you are breaking the law yourself. It's called solicitation, and it usually applies to men who are trying to hire a prostitute, but it can also be applied to crimes like buying or selling drugs. With solicitation, an actual crime does not have to be committed, just a request to commit a crime. An example of this would be a person who asks or hires another person to buy him illegal drugs, unwilling to risk the chance of getting caught purchasing the drugs himself.

In Georgia, penalties for solicitation depend on whether the crime solicited was a felony or misdemeanor. For first-time offenders, conviction for solicitation might not result in jail time, while for repeat offenders, it is likely. In addition, solicitation charges can damage your reputation in the community.

Atlanta Solicitation Attorneys

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Solicitation cases can be tricky for prosecutors to prove. The request to commit a crime - the act of solicitation - must somehow be documented; otherwise it can be one person's word against another. This is why solicitation cases often result from police sting operations rather than one individual accusing another.

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