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September 2013 Archives

Criminal Defense News - Atlanta school administrator cleared

When certain criminal defense cases hit news, all eyes are drawn to the defendant. It's often the case that news reports can cast individuals as guilty even before they've gone on trial. Despite this perception, everyone who is accused of a crime is entitled to presumed innocence when a trial begins, no matter how much attention the case receives.

Drug Crimes and Throwaway Cell Phones

Cell phones, potential drug crimes charges and law enforcement - these three things have been all over the news in the past few months.  This past week, a New York Times article revealed that the government has been paying AT&T, through a partnership known as the Hemisphere Project, for a mass amount of phone records dating back to 1987. This project is similar to the NSA's mass call-tracking program. The Hemisphere project, which until now has been secret, involves large amounts of data mined by the government for calls made, not just by AT&T customers, but if the call went through an AT&T switch, encompassing billions of calls.  This poses serious Fourth Amendment issues.  The government has been allegedly searching all of this data in order to come up with ways to combat criminal activity. If you use a throwaway phone, but also carry another phone that is with a provider - the government can analzye the usage to figure out who is using the throwaway phones and where.  

Sex Crimes - Study brings accuracy of state expert testimony into question

A wide variety of factors can influence the outcome of a sex crimes case. However, a verdict may come down to which party presented the most convincing evidence and testimony. Throughout the course of a criminal trial, witnesses who can offer specific insight are often called to testify in order to sway a jury. These individuals are expected to rely on their experience and sound professional judgment to present an accurate interpretation of evidence.

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