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Georgia police search leads to drug charges for four people

Some in Georgia may be facing legal challenges associated with charges of criminal activities that include alleged drug activity. Being arrested on drug charges is a serious matter. Often, a person stands to lose much if convicted, including time with family, a job and his or her good standing within a community.

Recently, police say they went out in search of a man who was wanted on an outstanding warrant. Upon arriving at the home where they believed the man was located, a sudden turn of events led to a different situation altogether. Officers claim they entered the home and immediately saw evidence of illegal drug activity.

Police arrested four people who were at the residence at the time. They suspect those persons of manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs. Law enforcement agents also stated that in addition to drugs and drug paraphernalia, they also found substantial amounts of cash and various weapons in the home.

If convicted on similar drug charges in Georgia, a person stands to incur very severe penalties. However, merely being accused of a crime is not evidence of one’s guilt. This is why it is typically in a defendant’s best interest to seek immediate legal guidance following an arrest. Once an attorney has been retained, he or she can begin to build as strong a defense as possible, often starting with the arrest process itself. By investigating the events leading to the arrest, an attorney can determine whether any personal rights were violated through the actions of law enforcement agents.

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