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Georgia couple facing criminal defense issues

Georgia state apparently had arrest warrants issued for two persons who happen to be married to each other. An incident recently occurred that led to accusations against the husband for property damage and other offenses. The encounter reportedly resulted in both husband and wife being placed under arrest and in need of criminal defense.

Allegedly, the spouses, both of whom are age 43, had decided to go for a swim without wearing any clothing. Another woman, age 40, appears to have contacted local law enforcement, saying that she and her friend had become engaged in a dispute with the man at a boating dock. She said she had asked the man if the floating device he was using belonged to him. At that point, she claims the man brandished a knife.

The woman said the man became irate and punched her friend. It seems she and her friend then tried to flee the area in their vehicle; while doing so, she says the belligerent man broke the rear window of the car. Eventually, police arrested the couple after finding them swimming naked in the water. The woman is said to have gone peacefully with the officers, but the man allegedly grew more and more violent as time went on, even threatening the lives of the police officers.

Authorities say that the man told them he would kill them after he gets out of jail in Georgia. Even those accused of aggravated assault, public intoxication, identity theft or other serious felonies, as the two people in this situation have been, will be given an opportunity to present a criminal defense against any and all charges. In some situations, those acting alongside experienced and aggressive defense counsel have been able to greatly minimize the negative impact such events may have otherwise had on their lives.

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