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Internal Investigations

What are the common issues investigated by a corporation? Data breaches, embezzlement, employee fraud, bribery, and FCPA are among the more common issues. Is the corporation going to be criminally liable? (link to criminal liability of corporation page) Maybe, but will someone be personally criminally liable as well?

If you have be asked to be interviewed by corporate counsel, you should have your own lawyer be there to assist you to avoid criminal charges being lodged. It is imperative to understand that the corporate counsel represents the corporation, and not you, and thus may not be protecting your interests.

Recent Case Results

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A Federal employee under federal investigation for Possession of Child Pornography – Dan conducted…
A corporate sales manager charged with wire and bank fraud from a fortune 500 company. The client took responsibility for his actions…
A company owner accused of being an active member of a mortgage fraud ring. Meg was able to work very closely with government…
An office manager accused of defrauding her company’s clients. Meg and Dan gained access to the government’s case…