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Posts tagged "Cybercrime"

The stigma surrounding cybercrime charges

In a recent post, we looked into how challenging it can be for some people who have been charged with a white collar offense due to the stigma associated with these charges (career problems, etc.). While some people may think that offenses carried out over the internet have less of a stigma and softer consequences, it is crucial to remember that cybercrime charges can also be very damaging in this regard (if not more so, in some cases). There are many different cybercrime charges that people face, from those which are financial to offenses which are sexual in nature.

False allegations of cybercrime and your career

People are accused of various offenses related to the internet, from computer fraud to cyberstalking and even cyberterrorism. However, these cases may be based on completely fabricated allegations in some instances. Regardless of whether the claims are true or not, the damage to one’s reputation can be irreparable and may affect their life in various ways. Not only are financial penalties and even prison time part of the picture in many cases, but some people may have their career thrown off course and suffer other negative consequences. If you are facing false accusations related to some type of cybercrime, make sure that you stand up for your rights.

What qualifies as an online invasion of privacy?

The internet is largely driven by the exchange of information. Thus, if you spend a significant portion of time online (either for your own personal fulfillment or for business purposes), the chances of your receiving information and content from others both inside and outside of Atlanta may be high. Such information is often shared with the expectation that it will be kept private. The question then becomes what are the restraints on its use? 

Facing cyberbullying charges as an adult

We have looked into various issues related to cyberbullying in some of our blog posts, such as the consequences that may come from these charges. It is also important to point out that some people do not realize that many adults have faced charges as a result of cyberbullying as well. For an adult charged with this offense, multiple challenges may arise and we will review some in this post. Moreover, the allegations may be completely basis and the result of someone who wants to get even with another person by shattering their reputation and dragging them through the legal system.

When your teen is charged with an online offense

As a parent, you may go through many difficult situations while raising your child. For example, you could have a hard time helping them through problems with their friends or their school performance. However, there are times when it can be especially challenging to be a parent, such as your child being accused of an offense. Moreover, in the digital age, there are even more ways in which young people find themselves in trouble. There are a number of online offenses that may involve people of all ages and it is crucial to help your child work through this difficult time.

Addressing computer fraud allegations

There are many facets of cybercrime that have been covered on this blog, but one area we want to take a closer look at is computer fraud. There are many different examples of computer fraud, which we will discuss, and it is important to note that the consequences of being charged with this offense can permanently shatter your life. If you have been accused of computer fraud, it is essential to carefully go over all the details which surround your case and make sure that you have identified the best approach, even if you are not innocent or you believe that various details have been blown out of proportion.

When internet offenses are prosecuted at the federal level

From cyberstalking to bullying another person over the internet and offenses involving material that is pornographic, there are various cybercrime charges people face. What some may not understand is that these cases can bring on severe consequences, especially if they are prosecuted at the federal level. When people in Atlanta or any other part of Georgia find themselves facing charges related to the internet which are taken to federal court, the penalties may be very harsh. For example, federal courts may decide to punish someone very harshly as a means of deterring others from carrying out similar acts over the internet.

Handling charges related to revenge porn

In a recent post, we explored some of the different reasons why people face cybercrime charges over pornography. In recent years, new laws involving technology have been introduced and some people may be surprised to find out that "revenge porn" is illegal. For example, someone who decides to share nude images or videos of their former partner without his or her consent may find themselves in legal trouble as a result of the allegations. Our law firm understands why people who are facing these charges in Atlanta and across the state of Georgia may be under a great deal of pressure.

The consequences of cyberbullying charges

We have covered many different topics related to cybercrime charges and in this post, we will take a closer look at some of the consequences people may face when they are charged with cyberbullying. To some people, these charges may not seem so serious. After all, some people may have difficulty understanding which types of behavior constitute cyberbullying and they may have no idea that these allegations can result in serious repercussions. If you have been charged with cyberbullying, it is pivotal to have a good understanding of the appropriate course of action.

False accusations involving unlawful pornography

Cybercrime charges can be incredibly damaging and in the digital era, these allegations take all sorts of forms. While some may falsely assume that crimes which are carried out over the internet are not punished very severely, these charges can completely shatter a person's future. Worse, some are falsely accused of an internet offense altogether. From theft to stalking and bullying, there are many different types of online crime charges people have to face. In this post, we will examine those which involve unlawful pornographic material.

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