Securities Fraud

In the aftermath of the 2008-2009 Stock Market Crash, extensive measures are now being taken by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate both individuals as well as businesses suspected of securities fraud.

Conaway & Strickler, P.C., has been recognized nationwide for providing exceptional criminal defense. We represent individuals and businesses in securities fraud cases, including, but not limited to:

  • Stop manipulation allegations
  • Georgia and federal RICO claims
  • State and federal securities issues
  • Breach of fiduciary duty allegations
  • Misrepresentations
  • Accounting fraud
  • Insider trading

Our attorneys provide aggressive legal defense in matters of complex securities allegations or charges. Our law firm is among America's best. We are dedicated to our clients, and to winning. Some of the clients we represent in securities fraud cases include:

  • Financial advisors
  • Investment brokers
  • Investors
  • Organized crime victims
  • Corporations (including officers and directors)

Atlanta Securities Fraud Attorneys

Besides being extremely complex, securities fraud litigation can easily ruin you and your company's reputation in addition to exposing you to a potential prison sentence.

If you face charges or are under investigation for securities fraud of any type, then you need an experienced securities fraud attorney. Conaway & Strickler, P.C., aggressively defends and fights for clients in securities fraud cases. For over 20 years, we have defended clients against serious criminal allegations and charges.

We are experts in criminal law. We provide solid legal defense for clients in both state and federal securities fraud cases. For a confidential and free evaluation of your case, call Conaway & Strickler, P.C., today. Your freedom and reputation are too valuable to entrust to anyone else.