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Understanding why drug abuse is life-altering

When people are charged with using, distributing or selling drugs in Georgia, the penalties for such behaviors can vary depending on the circumstances surrounding their case, as well as how badly their actions may have affected other people. Drug abuse is a prevalent epidemic and one that many experts believe can be prevented with education and awareness beginning at a young age. 

When people make active efforts to inform their children of the dangers of drugs before they are ever introduced to them, it can make a considerable difference in how they respond if they are faced with a situation where they are offered to partake in drug use of some kind. According to KidsHealth, one way that parents can discuss the dangers of drugs with their children is by discussing how significantly drug use can affect the growth, response and function of a person's brain.

Identity theft types and prevention

There are many ways that Georgia residents can fall victim to identity theft. When this happens, it can be costly, both financially and timewise. It can take a while to restore credit scores and reputation with financial institutions. It is important that everyone understands how identity theft can occur so individuals can take steps to prevent it from happening.

According to, the most typical types of identity theft are medical ID, tax ID and social ID theft. With medical, someone uses another person's health insurance or Medicare number to get medical care. Thieves steal social security numbers for multiple reasons, but a common one is to file tax returns in a false manner. In social identity theft, thieves use someone else's name and pictures to set up fake social media accounts.

Understanding the impact of tax evasion on your future

If you are actively employed in Georgia and are a recipient of income each on a consistent basis, you are required to fill out a tax return each year. The information you provide will be processed and verified by officials with the Internal Revenue Service who will verify that you are not missing anything on your forms that could indicate you are not filing your taxes properly. At Conaway & Strickler, PC Attorneys at Law, we are committed to advocating for people who have been accused of federal crimes. 

Tax evasion is an example of a federal crime that can leave you facing serious legal consequences for failing to properly file and claim your taxes with the IRS. While seemingly insignificant, your decision to avoid paying your taxes can actually have detrimental consequences. According to Financial Web, if you miscalculate your taxes or fudge numbers in your favor and what you are reporting cannot be effectively backed by supporting receipts, you could be accused of tax fraud or evasion. For this reason, it is critical that you double-check your work if you are filing your own taxes, and even compare your records with the paperwork you have received if you had your taxes filed by a professional. 

Why mail fraud is considered a serious offense

Just as in every state, people in Georgia utilize the USPS on a daily basis. While it is generally a very ordinary activity, sometimes the mail is used as a venue to facilitate a crime. Charges for mail fraud are very serious and a conviction can come with stiff financial penalties and prison time. But why might just a small aspect of crime be considered so seriously? 

According to the United States Postal Service, mail fraud is any kind of fraud that uses the mail. It does not matter whether it begins on the telephone, online or through the mail. Once any part of the commission of a crime goes through the mail system it is considered a federal offense known as mail fraud. The most common categories of mail fraud are financial, employment, telemarketing, sweepstakes, telemarketing and fraud against veterans or the elderly. 

An arrest for vehicular homicide can happen to any motorist

You probably never image your involvement in white-collar crime such as identity theft, embezzlement or cyberstalking.

However, vehicular manslaughter also falls into this category. Given the right set of circumstances, anyone who drives could face arrest for this kind of crime—even you.

A look at what the future of cybersecurity looks like

A lot has changed since the internet was first created and the profound innovation of such an incredible technology took the world by storm. In today's world, an ever-growing technological challenge is the growing danger of cybercrime. For many industries in Georgia, protecting their intellectual property is not simply a matter of restricting access to its accessibility, but carefully crafting strategic methods for keeping unwanted viruses and criminals from exposing confidential information. 

Some interesting research that examined what the future of cybersecurity is going to look like, uncovered some interesting facts that may help people to better understand the risks they are facing. One development that businesses may notice is the incorporation of highly trained, often-retired military members who have experience in working with cybersecurity, being hired to take leading roles in providing security in the virtual world. They may also notice an increase in roles such as that of a security data scientist who will analyze data and its utilization in discovering ways to protect it without constricting its use. 

FDA paves the way for easier access to opioid overdose treatment

The opioid crisis has rocked the nation over the past few years and Georgia is no exception. While many people view addicts as junkies who make bad decisions and abuse illegal drugs, this is not the case for all people with a substance abuse disorder. Some people were introduced to these medications via their doctor’s prescriptions, usually to treat pain. Because these are so addictive, it can quickly spiral into an out-of-control drug habit.

CNN estimates that 1.7 million individuals in America suffer from substance abuse problems related to the use or abuse of prescription medication with opioids. These include the following drugs:

  •          Hydrocodone
  •          Oxycodone
  •          Morphine

Will you be required to pay restitution for your crime?

If you have been convicted of committing a crime in Georgia, you could be facing a significant array of consequences depending on the seriousness of your offense and the consequences that resulted from it. Once you have been formally charged in the legal system, you may also face the requirement to pay restitution to anyone who was affected by your misdeeds. 

Restitution is most commonly awarded in monetary form, but you could also be required to pay back compensation for damages in other ways too. The restitution you give back is often used in helping any victims recover from the trauma they may have endured because of your behavior. Restitution is not always required but can be requested from victims even after your formal sentencing. Failure to pay restitution that has been required by the courts could leave you in danger of facing even more legal consequences. 

Common forms of white collar crimes

White collar crime in Georgia is fairly common, and it typically refers to a committed crime that has a financial gain. While there are numerous scams and types of fraud that constitute white collar crimes, there are some common types and all of them have associated penalties.

According to the FBI, financial reasons are what motivates the people who commit these crimes. The reasons include making money, obtaining property and avoiding financial loss to gain an advantage either personally or for a business. One of the most common types of this nature is corporate fraud. This activity not only affects investors but it also can cause irreputable harm to the United States economy.

Think twice before misusing that credit or debit card

The cost of living in New York is skyrocketing. Times are tight, money is getting harder to come by and you may feel you can get away with using the ATM to make a few fraudulent check deposits or skimming device to make a little extra money to get by. Before you make a decision that could land you in prison, take a few moments to consider the impact of such actions. 

ATM fraud is a serious crime that, at minimum, is prosecutable at the state level. It carries serious penalties. There is a good chance you could even face federal criminal charges because it is also bank fraud. It does not matter what your intent is or that you mean to repay the funds. Once you misuse/abuse a debit or credit card to illegally access unauthorized funds from a financial institution, you could end up facing criminal charges for bank and ATM fraud. 

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