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Pursuit leads to arrest, drug charges for Georgia man

Last Sunday afternoon, law enforcement in Milledgeville, Georgia arrived at an apartment complex to serve a 32-year-old man with two outstanding warrants for parole violation. Following a pursuit, they conducted a search that turned up items leading to additional drug charges

Authorities identified a man matching the description of the one they intended to arrest shortly after their arrival to the complex. Rather than walking over to the law enforcement officers as requested, the man instead ran away from them, running back and forth between the buildings of the apartment complex. Authorities yelled at the man to stop, pursued him and, after catching up with him, brought him to the ground due to uncertainty as to whether or not he was carrying a weapon. 

What role does the IRS play in a fraud investigation?

There are aspects of paying taxes that may reveal illegal activities, and if your tax return prompts questions, you could find yourself the subject of an IRS investigation. According to the IRS, the federal agency conducts investigations, not only into possible tax fraud, but also when there is a suspicion of money laundering and other fraudulent activities.

Your tax returns may not be the trigger of an investigation. The IRS also investigates based on information provided by the public, by law enforcement agencies and by U.S. Attorneys offices all over the country.

The stigma surrounding cybercrime charges

In a recent post, we looked into how challenging it can be for some people who have been charged with a white collar offense due to the stigma associated with these charges (career problems, etc.). While some people may think that offenses carried out over the internet have less of a stigma and softer consequences, it is crucial to remember that cybercrime charges can also be very damaging in this regard (if not more so, in some cases). There are many different cybercrime charges that people face, from those which are financial to offenses which are sexual in nature.

Someone who has been accused of an online offense may lose their job as a result of the allegations, or their spouse may decide to leave them. Their standing in the community may be tarnished and they may even find that some of their friends have abandoned them as well. Unfortunately, even some people who have been falsely accused of these offenses have to endure these hardships due to the harsh stigma of cybercrimes.

Drug court may be a solution for those facing felony drug charges

People who have been arrested and are facing felony drug charges in Georgia have many concerns. One of them is likely the fact that they will no longer have access to their substance of choice. Substance use disorders are recognized as health conditions, and access to treatment is critical. Fortunately, in Fulton County, there is a drug court program that ensures assistance for addicts who qualify to go through this alternative court system.

The Fulton County Felony Adult Drug Court program may allow offenders to avoid prison time, but it is not a matter of walking away from the charges. There are a number of officials and professionals who play a role in the program, including the public defender and the District Attorney's Office, the probation department and treatment providers.

DUI from taking opioids

There is an opioid epidemic in the United States. Every day in the country, an average of 130 people die as a result of taking opioids. The sad reality is that many people remain unaware of the dangers because their doctors prescribed the medication to them. 

A lot of people assume prescription medication is safe, but the truth of the matter is that some medication can be just as dangerous as consuming an excessive amount of alcohol. You face serious consequences if convicted on any drug charges. Therefore, if you take any kind of prescription painkiller, then you need to know precisely how it impacts your body and mind. 

Addressing allegations of bribery

Business owners, executives and employees may have their lives completely upended when they are charged with a white collar offense. These charges take on many forms and in this blog post, we will look closer into bribery charges, which can be very serious. Not only can these charges result in time behind bars and massive financial penalties, but they can bring on an unbearable amount of stress and permanently destroy someone's reputation. It is also important to point out that some of these cases are based on false allegations or include details that have been fabricated.

If you have been charged with bribery, you should take steps to protect your interests immediately. Even if you are confident that you will be able to secure a favorable outcome in the courtroom, these are serious charges that could shatter your career and, ultimately, your life. That said, some people feel overwhelmed when these charges surface and they feel like giving up or lose motivation to approach the case properly. This can be detrimental and with so much at stake, you cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.

When you are charged with mail fraud

Federal offenses take many forms and the consequences associated with these charges can be devastating. From steep financial penalties to time in prison, someone charged with a federal offense may see their life change for the worse in various ways. Moreover, the damage to one's reputation in the wake of these charges can be significant too. We have covered different federal offenses on our blog and in this post, we will concentrate on mail fraud. If you are facing mail fraud charges, it is pivotal to go over each and every detail and make sure that you have a clear understanding of all legal options.

Mail fraud takes a number of forms, but many people find themselves accused of this offense over an alleged scam that involves mailings sent through the U.S. Postal Service. With respect to mail fraud cases, each is unique. Some may involve exaggerated or fabricated details, while others may be baseless altogether. Even if someone is innocent, however, they may face harsh penalties if they do not take the right steps and are unable to successfully defend themselves in court.

Federal and state courts have different processes

Just as with every other state in the U.S., Georgia has its own unique laws, constitution and court system. If you run afoul of these, you are likely to face criminal charges in the state. Depending on the circumstances of your alleged crime, you could find yourself facing federal charges, instead. At Conaway & Strickler, P.C., we often help our clients understand the differences between state and federal court processes.

The state's prosecutor or district attorney will bring a case against you in a state trial or district court, the U.S. Department of Justice explains. In a federal court, the person bringing the case against you is a U.S. Attorney. In state court, the judge may decide your case, or you may find yourself in front of a grand jury. In federal court, your pre-trial motions may be heard by a federal magistrate judge, but this person is not who will issue a ruling. A grand jury is required if your case is a federal felony charge unless you opt to waive that right.

False allegations of cybercrime and your career

People are accused of various offenses related to the internet, from computer fraud to cyberstalking and even cyberterrorism. However, these cases may be based on completely fabricated allegations in some instances. Regardless of whether the claims are true or not, the damage to one’s reputation can be irreparable and may affect their life in various ways. Not only are financial penalties and even prison time part of the picture in many cases, but some people may have their career thrown off course and suffer other negative consequences. If you are facing false accusations related to some type of cybercrime, make sure that you stand up for your rights.

Your career could be adversely affected by a cybercrime case in many different ways. First of all, you may be unable to find work in a particular field, especially if it involves technology or anything related to your case. For example, if the crime was financial in nature, you may be unable to work in the finance sector in certain capacities. Not only can you lose your current job but finding a new position may be impossible, which underlines the importance of figuring out how to approach your cybercrime case correctly.

Medicare fraud: 3 federal laws you should know

The federal government looks on Medicare fraud rather severely because the offense involves defrauding the government of money. There are many ways to commit Medicare fraud.

For example, it could include any of the following:

  • Misrepresenting the facts of a case or making a false claim to the federal government to receive Medicare funds
  • Soliciting, offering or receiving kickbacks for providing services covered by Medicare
  • Rewarding referrals and making illegal referrals

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