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Allegedly doctored records led to man being accused of fraud

In any fraud case in Atlanta, the central issue may be the establishment of intent. Proving that one committed fraud may require establishing that they engaged in their actions knowing full well of that what they were doing was unlawful and likely to cause harm. Thus, those who perform any sort of financial service may want to maintain meticulous records as the review of such documents may go a long way in establishing that they might have been operating in good faith all along. Conversely, poor record keeping may be seen by some as evidence that one was wanting to conceal their actions from others. 

It was question about potentially falsified records that led authorities to investigate a Louisiana man who was recently arrested and accused of Medicaid fraud. Among the many businesses linked to the man was a transportation company targeted exclusively at Medicaid patients. Authorities say that the driving logs for this company were purposefully doctored and included forged signatures, which prompted the fraud charges being filed against the man and one of his employees. The man is also accused of falsifying his financial records so that he himself could qualify for Medicaid, even though him being a Medicaid service provider disqualified him from coverage. 

In some cases, evidence supporting the falsification of records may be clear. In others, there may be doubt. In such cases, being able to produce legitimate records proving one’s innocent intentions may be the key to escaping from having to face criminal charges. Having an experienced attorney on one’s side may also prove to be a benefit worth having during such a time. 

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