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Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson, a deadly relationship

“Should Michael Jackson be blamed for his death?” that is what many people are asking because the Conrad Murray trial is starting tomorrow in Los Angeles. Does the public understand this case is much ado about nothing? Dr. Murray is ONLY charged with involuntary manslaughter which carries a maximum sentence of just FOUR years. The jails and prisons are so overcrowded, that even if Murray was convicted, he is more than likely to not serve a day.

What the media should focus on is prescription drug abuse and ALL of the doctors who prescribe it like candy. Why is it even remotely okay to have a doctor on personal salary for $150.000 a month? A cardiologist with money problems. Good choice, Mr. Jackson. Yes, Dr. Murray should be convicted. He was prescribing and dispensing medicine to Mr. Jackson at shocking levels.

We should put all of the doctors who are prescribing such hideous levels of medicine on trial. Please put them in prison.

I have represented so many clients charged with prescription drug possession. One tiny pill of Xanax and off you go with a felony conviction. The addicts are being thrown in prison, not the prescribers or the manufacturers.

Why can’t Big Pharma or the government take actions against addiction to begin with?

Everyone is up in arms about “blaming the victim” in the Conrad Murray case. Michael Jackson was an addict. Anyone who wants to delude themselves into any other thought process needs to get a clue.

It has been written that Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, gave him Demoral 51 times in the last 3 months of his life.

I delivered a baby on Demoral. There is no worse pain. I only needed one dose.

Please put the enablers on trial. Who wrote all of those prescriptions to get Michael Jackson to that level of addiction?

I am not being a “clever defense attorney” trying to defend Dr. Conrad Murray. There is no defense. As a doctor friend of mine said, “Simply put, Murray was giving him benzodaizepines and sedative-hypnotics that any MD in his right mind would not have given, especially IV. A good MD would have had the singer evaluated for sleep problems, polysubstance abuse, and if the singer refused, would have resigned from the case.”

But Dr. Murray only began his employ with Michael Jackson 2 months before this death. Where was everyone else?

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