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Drug Charges: DEA agents seeking cooperation

Drug Charges: Whether one should answer questions asked by authorities regarding suspected criminal activity is a choice many people in Georgia have had to make. Especially with regard to federal criminal charges, it can be very scary to face investigators and answer questions concerning particular situations. Many defendants choose not to speak on their own behalves; rather, they enlist the assistance of criminal defense attorneys to do their talking for them.

Sometimes, after someone has been arrested and charged with a crime or drug charges, authorities might approach that person, asking for help to further their investigation. This appears to be the case in another state where a man and woman have been arrested and held in jail on suspicion of selling carfentanil, a drug 10,000 times stronger than morphine. Police say they are are hoping the couple will give them information that can lead them to others who may be involved in drug distribution in the area.

When drug-related charges are tried at the federal level, a defendant may face up to life in prison if convicted for certain crimes. Even under a lighter sentence, a person’s entire life may be turned upside down if a criminal trial does not end in his or her favor. This is one of many reasons it is often helpful to secure experienced legal guidance before facing charges in court.

Anyone accused on federal criminal charges in Georgia may take steps toward building a strong defense by consulting with an experienced criminal attorney. By acting alongside skilled counsel to explore all options that might be available, the chances of obtaining a positive outcome may increase. As in all other states, merely being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down.

Source:, “DEA: Some drug dealers afraid to sell heroin after federal carfentanil indictments in Cincinnati”, Tom McKee, Sept. 22, 2016

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