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Georgia officer faces drug charges

Drug charges can have unfortunate consequences for accused individuals, especially in the case of a conviction. However, just because someone has been charged with a crime does not automatically mean they are guilty. A Georgia police officer was recently arrested and now faces drug charges. He was accused of having cocaine and marijuana in his possession.

The county sheriff’s department issued a request to Georgia officials to launch a drug investigation. Reportedly, authorities went out to the suspect’s home to conduct a search. Authorities allegedly discovered controlled substances in his bedroom.

The suspect was arrested and faces a felony charge of violation of oath by a public official and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also charged with possession of marijuana and possession of cocaine. It is not known if the suspect was granted bond in this case. Other details about the arrest have not been reported.

Suspects who are facing drug charges typically have a battle to confront in a criminal courtroom. Authorities may have obtained what they believe to be evidence against the defendant that prosecutors plan to use in seeking a conviction. In spite of what may look like admissible evidence, Georgia prosecutors must provide a significant burden of proof to have any hope of obtaining a conviction. Defendants have the right under the law to challenge this evidence and defend against such allegations in front of an impartial jury. Being knowledgeable about legal rights as a defendant may prove successful in the police officer’s case and reduce his legal risk.

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