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Handling charges related to revenge porn

In a recent post, we explored some of the different reasons why people face cybercrime charges over pornography. In recent years, new laws involving technology have been introduced and some people may be surprised to find out that “revenge porn” is illegal. For example, someone who decides to share nude images or videos of their former partner without his or her consent may find themselves in legal trouble as a result of the allegations. Our law firm understands why people who are facing these charges in Atlanta and across the state of Georgia may be under a great deal of pressure.

In some cases, a person may knowingly share revenge porn, while others may accidentally share footage or fail to realize that they are breaking the law. Moreover, some people may be falsely accused of distributing revenge porn by a former partner. Regardless, these charges can have a significant impact on one’s future in all sorts of ways. Not only do revenge porn cases have a harsh stigma, but those who are charged with this offense may find that their lives change for the worse in various ways due to the charges. For example, they may lose friends over the incident, or have a hard time with respect to dating due to these allegations.

It is important to avoid sharing any unlawful content over the internet, of course. In the event that revenge porn charges have already arisen, you should have a clear understanding of your case and different legal options that may be available.

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