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Drug Charges: Key factors to consider in Georgia

The need for skilled and experienced criminal defense assistance is widespread in Georgia and surrounding regions. There are many reasons a person might retain a criminal lawyer. The situation may have something to do with drug charges, weapons violations, suspected driving driving or other issues.

With regard to being accused of illegal drug activity in the state, there have been many situations where persons accused are later found innocent. Many people have dealt with circumstances where they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, thus leading to incidents whereby they were mistakenly incriminated. Others have enlisted the help of experienced investigators to determine that their personal rights were actually violated during searches and seizures or arrest processes.

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Facing drug charges in Georgia or any other state obviously poses many challenges for those involved. A person’s reputation and good standing in a community are often at stake. In fact, not only the accused, but entire families are often adversely affected.

Conway & Strickler, P.C., has successfully aided many Individuals throughout the state to combat aggressive tactics implemented by prosecutors. Through a thorough analysis of your particular situation, we can help you explore all available options to build and present a strong defense. If you are facing drug charges in Georgia, you are no doubt concerned with the possible negative effects the situation may have on your future. By calling our office to request a meeting, we can take the first steps toward helping you obtain as positive an outcome as possible.

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