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Criminal Defense: Murder dropped, woman still faces charges

Criminal defense: People’s lives are full of ups and downs. This can be emotionally challenging for many to experience. Everybody reacts differently under emotionally difficult times, and some people make extremely bad mistakes. This seems to have been what one woman experienced when she was arrested on state criminal charges in Georgia.

The woman was charged with murder after she attempted to abort her own pregnancy with abortion pills she had purchased online. However, the district attorney decided to retract the warrant against the woman for murder. Apparently, the district attorney determined that he was not legally able to prosecute a woman for feticide of a woman’s own pregnancy.

The district attorney made this determination after thoroughly researching the law and coming to his own conclusions as to what the statutes and case laws permit. He stated that the law seems to explicitly provide a pregnant woman immunity from prosecution for the unlawful termination of the woman’s own pregnancy. However, the woman is still being charged with possessing a dangerous drug. The woman had reportedly taken four Cytotec pills following a break-up with her boyfriend.

The suspect will now have to defend herself against the remaining Georgia state criminal charges. In order to formulate a strong legal defense plan, the woman will need to carefully examine the evidence against her. She will need to determine how this evidence could possibly be used by the prosecution. Therefore, being able to apply the evidence to applicable laws is essential for the defendant to prevail in the case.

Source:, “Georgia Drops Murder Charge Against Woman Who Took Abortion Pills“, June 10, 2015

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