Q&A with Meg Strickler

Meg Strickler recently signed up for some new adverting with Avvo

So, after filling out all of these various things for the Avvo profile, we decided to ask some direct questions of managing partner, Meg Strickler

  1. Where did you go to law school?  Emory law
  2. Have you tried jury trials at both the state and federal level? yes
  3. Give me an example of one cases you tried and got a not guilty?   Rape Fulton county 2020
  4. Do you practice any other type of law beside criminal defense?  NO never have
  5. Do you do any pro bono? yes, I do a limited amount through Georgia Justice Project
  6. Do you have a “motions practice”?  This is kind of a silly question as of course we prepare all cases ready to file and ARGUE motions if necessary to achieve the desired result in a case
  7. Do you mentor younger lawyers? I am an adjunct professor at Georgia State College of Law teaching Advanced Evidence. And I also teach trial techniques at Emory Law at their annual trial technique program each spring for 2Ls.
  8. Dog person or cat person? Both -have 2 dogs and 1 cat
  9. What do you do when not practicing law? working on my French up through Duolingo
  10. What disparities do you see in your practice?  I hate to see the inconsistent meting out of justice.
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