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Reviewing the consequences of cybercrime charges

In last week’s post, we examined some examples of cybercrime, such as identity theft and cyberbullying. With cybercrime cases, each is unique and the penalties for an offense vary from one to the next. In some instances, these charges can upend a person’s life in multiple ways. From a lengthy sentence behind bars to costly fines, the penalties that may come with cybercrime charges can be staggering. However, we know that people in Atlanta and across Georgia who are in this position have encountered many other types of problems in their lives as well.

For starters, cybercrime charges can be devastating for your career, especially if you work in IT or a related field. Even for those whose job responsibilities do not involve computers or the internet, these charges can cause permanent damage to their reputation. Sometimes, people may lose their jobs once these allegations surface. In fact, even if the charges are based on false accusations, the damage to one’s reputation may be irreparable. Moreover, people may struggle to find work in the future due to these charges, which can be especially difficult in a highly competitive job market. On top of career-related problems, people may also face challenges with some of their friends or family members, who may not see them the same.

If you are facing cybercrime charges, you should go over different options that may be in front of you and carefully prepare if you anticipate court. Our cybercrimes page has even more on computer-related offenses.

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