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Sex Offender Registration

Conviction on a sex offense in Georgia will result in sex offender registration, which may last for a lifetime. Depending on what classification you receive from the Sex Offender Registration Review Board in Atlanta, your freedoms and opportunities will be limited. Your probation officer and other law enforcement officials will be allowed to make intrusions on your privacy, monitor your whereabouts and keep records of your employment, residence, educational enrollment and other activities. All of these aspects of your life will also be restricted.

Typically, being removed from the sex offender registry requires that you complete your sentence, parole, probation and supervision all in compliance with registration standards and that you have no other criminal convictions during that time. However, low-level offenders are allowed to petition for removal from the registry immediately after their sentence is completed.

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Removal From The Sex Offender Registry In Georgia

It is best to work with an experienced lawyer when seeking removal. If you achieve removal from the registry, restrictions on your employment, residence, educational opportunities and access to other public places will be lifted.

We represent clients petitioning the court and in removal hearings once the Sex Offender Registration Review Board has classified the individual. We build compelling cases and advocate for our clients in every forum. Accurately and convincingly presenting evidence of your conduct since your conviction is critical to your success, along with other factors such as treating psychologist testimony, which we can discuss.

Level II Sex Offender Classification Removal

Even Level II (medium) offenders may petition for removal 10 years after the completion of their sentence.

Removal For Out-Of-State Convictions

If you were convicted of a sex crime in another state and now reside in Georgia, you may seek removal from the Georgia Sex Offender Registry through the same process as offenders who were convicted in Georgia.

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