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Protection Against Charges Of Tax Evasion

If you are convicted of tax evasion, you will incur serious penalties. Offenders are compelled to payback taxes, interest and fines on all withheld funds. In many cases, offenders will earn a lengthy prison sentence.

Moreover, it is not unusual for charges of other white collar crimes — such as embezzlement or money laundering — to accompany tax evasion proceedings. Prosecutors and investigators spend months, if not years, building their cases. They only file formal charges if they believe they will win.

As such, it is never too early or too late to consult with and retain an experienced attorney to defend your best interests. At Conaway & Strickler, P.C., our lawyers have nearly 50 years of combined experience representing clients throughout the United States who have encountered serious state and IRS tax issues. Our clients range from individual taxpayers to accountants to large corporations. Whatever your situation, we are prepared to assist.

Proactive Resolution Of Tax Problems

Our firm is ready to protect your rights and best interests before an investigation is even launched. In some cases, we can prevent arrest or even the initial search and seizure of tax records and computer files.

If you think that your tax return or income reporting may incur scrutiny, or if you receive a phone call, letter, or subpoena from the IRS or any government agency, contact our law firm as soon as possible.

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Tax evasion is essentially defrauding the U.S. Treasury or the state’s department of revenue. The authorities do not look on such acts mercifully. The sooner we take action in your defense, the better. We can assert your rights efficiently and effectively. We can build a strategy to protect your personal and business assets.

Prevent a criminal tax investigation. Prevent the expenses of tax levies, audits, liens, account seizures, forfeiture proceedings and litigation. Contact our law firm at 404-816-5000 to discuss your unique case with a lawyer.

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