Georgia Burglary Lawyers

If you or a loved one is being charged with or investigated for burglary charges in Georgia, you need the attention and assistance of a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and freedom. With the severity of sentencing that accompanies an Atlanta burglary charge, attorneys dedicated to protecting you are a necessity.

A burglary conviction can result in a prison sentence of up to 20 years. If you have one or more prior convictions, you could be facing a mandatory minimum sentence of at least five years in prison. Even incomplete alleged burglary attempts can result in a long prison sentence depending upon the severity of the intended criminal act. In order to ensure that you receive just and fair treatment and that your case is resolved to the most favorable degree possible, the services of dedicated Georgia burglary lawyers at Conaway & Strickler, P.C., are imperative.

Atlanta Burglary Attorneys

The Georgia legal system is complicated so you need a defense attorney with an intimate understanding of both state law and your unique situation. Our seasoned Atlanta burglary attorneys understand the inner workings of the Georgia legal system and are determined to protect your rights and freedom to the fullest possible extent. We believe wholeheartedly that anyone accused of burglary is innocent until proven guilty and will work diligently to ensure that your innocence is staunchly defended.

Whether you or your loved one has been officially charged with burglary or are simply under investigation, it's imperative that you secure counsel as soon as possible. It is essential to work with an Atlanta burglary attorney who understands the state criminal justice system completely. Before you speak with detectives or other law enforcement agents, you need the counsel and protection of a criminal defense lawyer who is genuinely invested in obtaining the best possible outcome of your case.

Protect your rights and your liberty by contacting an Atlanta burglary attorney at Conaway & Strickler, P.C., today! We provide free consultations and case evaluations for new clients and treat each and every case that comes before us with the respect and attention it deserves.