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State Drug Crimes

In Georgia and throughout the United States, law enforcement officers and prosecutors continue to pursue the “War on Drugs” within the country, at sea and across international borders. The government devotes enormous amounts of resources to arresting and convicting those suspected of drug crimes. As a part of this effort, Georgia law imposes some of the harshest sentences in the nation on those who are convicted of drug charges.

Even seemingly minor offenses, such as paraphernalia possession, can lead to jail time, fines and a criminal record that will follow you forever and permanently tarnish your reputation.

At Conaway & Strickler, P.C., our skilled and seasoned Atlanta-based drug crime defense attorneys serve the needs of those accused of drug crimes throughout Georgia, and our attorneys can bring nearly 50 years of combined experience to your case. We are familiar with local courts across the state, allowing us to serve as effective advocates in any forum.

We Defend People Throughout Georgia Against Serious Drug Charges

Under the Georgia Controlled Substance Act (GCSA), a variety of activities involving controlled substances are outlawed. Growing, possessing, selling and other drug-related activities can lead to charges such as:

In many cases, drug charges accompany other criminal charges, such as DUI, weapons offenses, theft, sex crimes or violent crimes.

We conduct in-depth investigations and collaborate with other criminal law and drug experts as necessary to prepare a case that can achieve your best possible outcome at trial. Our lawyers conduct piercing cross-examination and use aggressive trial strategies to protect your rights and best interests. Our representation is designed to get the charges against you dismissed or to obtain an acquittal at trial. We strive to prevent allegations of drug-related activity from irreparably impacting your life.

We are also equipped to defend our clients against allegations involving federal drug charges. Additionally, we have a trusted network of attorneys who serve as local counsel and collaborate with us as we help clients across the country fight state-level drug charges.

Contact Our Georgia Drug Possession And Distribution Defense Attorneys

To speak with one of our attorneys regarding drug charges or any other criminal defense matter, contact us at 404-816-5000. All conversations with members of our law firm are confidential.

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