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Medicaid/Medicare Fraud

Medicaid and Medicare fraud cases are similar to health care fraud cases, but they draw increased scrutiny from the federal government. These federal programs are under increasingly heavy pressure to rein in costs, and the government has a large budget allocated to investigate and prosecute potential frauds. You need strong, diligent defense whether you are being investigated or charged.

Investigations led by the Office of Investigations for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with the FBI are thorough and relentless. Effective defense and protection of your reputation requires substantial and cost-effective legal resources. It requires a law firm that has defended such cases throughout the United States.

At Conaway & Strickler, P.C., our talented attorneys bring extensive experience in federal fraud cases to your defense. We are dedicated to our clients, and we pursue victory with efficient use of our firm’s tools, relationships and other resources. You are not necessarily guilty of fraud just because you are under investigation or have been charged. You have legal options, and you should exercise them with the assistance of a renowned professional criminal defense firm to best protect your future.

We Represent Health Care Practitioners And Individual Patients

Our law firm is a nationally recognized leader in federal fraud defense cases. Based in Atlanta, our Medicaid and Medicare fraud defense lawyers are dedicated to minimizing the charges and penalties our clients face across the nation.

We perform our own independent investigations in each case we handle, but there are important differences between the investigations we perform compared to those of federal prosecutors. Our team of attorneys, in collaboration with medical and financial experts, builds a case to counter the aggressive tactics and claims of the government. We fight for your best interests, defending your rights, freedom and liberty.

We are tenacious and committed to keeping your record clean in the face of charges relating to:

  • Overbilling Medicare or Medicaid
  • Billing for services or tests not rendered
  • Prescribing unnecessary or additional services in order to bill more
  • Incorrectly reporting diagnoses, treatments or procedures to increase payments
  • Unbundling billed services
  • Using false billing codes
  • Submitting duplicate claims
  • Changing dates, services or names of patients on claims
  • Altering medical records or reports
  • Illegal kickbacks or self-referrals

For individual patients, we defend against accusations of providing a false Medicare or Medicaid identification number used by a practitioner in a false claim.

Call Our Georgia Billing Fraud Defense Lawyers

We will fight to keep you out of prison and to protect your reputation, job and business. Contact us today at 404-816-5000 to speak with a lawyer. All conversations are confidential.

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