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Orders Of Protection

Have you had a protection order served on you? This is a very serious situation and it is critical that you obtain legal counsel from an experienced defense attorney. Soon you will have to face a judge in a hearing regarding the protection order on the issue of whether or not the order will be extended. Orders of protection can be extended for six months and even an entire year. Especially if you are in a difficult custody situation or this is not your first domestic violence-related issue it is very important that you have this handled properly. Do not try to do this on your own. That is a mistake. Take the proper course of action and call one of our experienced and aggressive domestic violence defense attorneys today. Call 404-816-5000 to schedule your free initial consultation for immediate assistance and questions about understanding protection orders.

The team of domestic violence defense lawyers at Conaway & Strickler, P.C., has extensive knowledge and skills when it comes to orders of protection, temporary restraining orders, stalking and other domestic abuse-related issues. Our ability to be comprehensive in counseling our clients helps them feel reassured that we can handle any criminal issue that could come their way. This is a difficult and frustrating situation and we will do everything we can to help you.

How Protection Orders Work

In general, the party who feels he or she requires protection under the law will petition the court for a TPO (“Temporary Protective Order”). This is for those who feel they are under the threat of abuse, stalking, harassment and other types of “threatening” actions. In many cases the judge will grant this temporary order until the hearing that determines the permanency of the order. At this hearing the judge will decide whether to dismiss the entire case or extend the TPO. (Note: A TRO is a “Temporary Restraining Order” and a similar process goes for this.)

After consulting with one of our dedicated attorneys, we will go over your options, strategies and fight the TPO or TRO at the hearing. Your best interests and future are always on the forefront of all decisions made and you will truly feel taken care of at our defense firm.

Orders Of Protection And Divorce

Conaway & Strickler, P.C., also handles divorce cases. Unfortunately, we do see domestic violence matters develop in these types of cases. We are prepared to help either side in these cases deal with orders of protection, restraining orders and other related matters. Our comprehensive counseling will help you get through each legal matter whether divorce-related or criminal defense-related.

Talk To Our Lawyers Immediately

Do not wait to seek legal advice about your order of protection case. We have law offices in Atlanta, Georgia: 404-816-5000. Talk to our seasoned attorneys today.

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