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Georgia and the U.S. Government consider embezzlement to be a serious matter. Depending upon the circumstances, a person might be charged with embezzlement in either Georgia or federal courts. Considering the complex nature of such charges, and the severe penalties that might be imposed against you, it’s extremely important to secure expert legal defense for such crimes – whether charged in state or federal court.

Conaway & Strickler, P.C., is a nationally recognized criminal defense law firm with embezzlement lawyers who provide our clients the best representation possible. We diligently strive to protect, defend, and restore the rights and freedom of our clients. We handle both state and federal criminal cases.

Some of the possible penalties for an embezzlement conviction under Georgia law include:

  • One-year jail sentence, and possibly a $1,000 fine for amounts of $500 or less
  • One to 10-year prison sentence, and possibly a $1,000 fine for amounts greater than $500
  • One to 10-year prison sentence, and possibly a $100,000 fine for the embezzlement of public funds or property that breaches a fiduciary duty

There are also harsh penalties for the embezzlement of motor vehicle parts, firearms and more.

Atlanta Embezzlement Attorneys

Conaway & Strickler, P.C., are aware of the devastating and stressful effect that embezzlement charges can have on the lives of you and your family. Our attorneys have the experience and skills to defend you against state or federal charges. We work hard to get our clients’ embezzlement charges reduced or dismissed, or win a verdict of acquittal. We offer our clients aggressive and straightforward criminal defense.

Don’t speak with detectives or law enforcement officers until you have consulted with an experienced criminal defense attorney and understood your rights and options. At the law firm of Conaway & Strickler, P.C., we thoroughly review the circumstances of our clients’ embezzlement accusations or charges and make sure mitigating facts and evidence is not ignored by the prosecution. Get a confidential and free case evaluation by contacting us today.

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