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Drug Charges: 4 people in Georgia accused of drug crimes

Drug Charges: Georgia law enforcement agents often make arrests under suspicion of illicit substance-related activity. However, merely being accused of drug crimes does not mean that those involved will be convicted. Defendants may challenge various aspects of their arrests and often increase their chances of obtaining positive outcomes when they retain experienced legal representation to act on their behalves in court.

In Washington County, a recent incident took place that resulted in four people now facing drug charges. A police task force apparently searched a home and claimed to have found various drug-related items on the premises. Two women and one man, each 40 years of age, and another 32-year-old woman, were arrested. Various charges filed in connection with the recent home search include both misdemeanor and felony infractions.

Authorities have stated that they are awaiting results from tests conducted at a crime lab to determine whether they will be filing further charges in this case. One of those arrested allegedly has an outstanding warrant from another county, as well. Current charges faced by the various people accused in the recent incident include unlawful maintenance of a structure, possession with intent to distribute a drug and unauthorized distribution.

Anyone accused of drug crimes in Georgia faces potentially severe penalties if convicted. Depending on individual circumstances, the court may order a convicted defendant to pay a substantial monetary fine or spend time in prison. In light of those possibilities, a person facing charges will want to build as strong a defense as possible. An experienced criminal lawyer would be able to assist an accused individual in this process.

Source:, “4 arrested in Washington County drug bust”, Jan. 22, 2016

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