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Addressing allegations of cyberbullying

In recent years, many media stories and social media posts have focused on cyberbullying and the potential consequences of this behavior. Sometimes, people are very quick to point the finger and there have been many incidents in which people are falsely accused of an offense altogether. If you have been accused of cyberbullying, or your child is in this position, we know how overwhelmed you may feel. However, this is a time when you should be carefully focusing on the allegations and going over your legal rights. After all, these charges can have very serious consequences for people in Atlanta and across Georgia.

With highly-publicized suicides and widespread public commentary on the problems associated with cyberbullying, some people are quick to judge others who are accused of bullying a person over the internet. Online harassment takes many forms and there are all sorts of ways in which someone may be accused of bullying another. Moreover, there are many other offenses related to the internet that can upend the lives of those facing charges, such as cyberstalking and online identity theft. Sometimes, people do not realize that these offenses can have very real consequences. For example, someone accused of a cybercrime may be sentenced to prison and required to pay stiff fines.

Beyond time behind bars and financial penalties, cybercrime accusations can destroy the good reputation of someone who has been accused. If you have been falsely accused of an online offense, or details have been exaggerated, our cybercrime page has more related to cyberbullying and similar offenses.

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