After a Data Breach, What to Do?

After the Hack: A Data Breach Post Game Show

As chair of the Cyber Crime committee at iTechlaw, Meg Strickler gives her insight on data breaches from various perspectives on an iTechlaw webinar this week.  She and the other panelists discuss:

  1. The criminal charge of BEC (Business email compromise) fraud
  2. Representing a victim of BEC
  3. Theft of trade secrets
  4. Representing a victim of theft of trade secrets by a disgruntled employee or insider
  5. Protecting small companies from potential hacks/ data breaches
  6. Contacting law enforcement after a hack/breach
  7. Commencing civil litigation in an attempt at restitution
  8. Aggravated identity theft
  9. Protection of PII
  10. Cyber insurance

Please watch here:

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