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Blame can be Found Everywhere in the Disappearance of Susan Powell and the Death of two Beautiful, Innocent Children

Josh Powell not only killed himself but two beautiful, innocent young boys.

Today, many are questioning the actions of the judge who allowed visitation to Josh Powell. Blame cannot be directed at just one person or one entity. Blame can be pointed in many, many directions. Back in December 2009, additional scrutiny should have been placed on Mr. Powell. What does “person of interest” even mean? It means that law enforcement has no clue what to do with the situation, and uses this term to placate the victims and the media. Clearly, such a definition has no teeth. Mr. Powell was able to leave the state of Utah with no issue. He was allowed to live with a sexual predator. And he was granted visitation when permanent custody was granted to Susan Cox-Powell’s parents. If sexual abuse is even hinted at, why wasn’t supervised visitation ordered? Clearly, the judge was concerned about this, because a psychosexual evaluation was ordered. If there was any teeth to this concept of “person of interest”, then the judge would have been extremely reticent to have those boys anywhere near Mr. Powell.

In my practice, I represent clients who are often times arrested first, then the situation is worked out. Am I advocating for this? No way. I am advocating for calling a spade a spade. Who the hell goes camping in below freezing temperatures? Arrest him. This then will allow the criminal justice system to figure out what transpired while keeping beautiful, innocent children out of the crossfire.

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