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FDA paves the way for easier access to opioid overdose treatment

The opioid crisis has rocked the nation over the past few years and Georgia is no exception. While many people view addicts as junkies who make bad decisions and abuse illegal drugs, this is not the case for all people with a substance abuse disorder. Some people were introduced to these medications via their doctor’s prescriptions, usually to treat pain. Because these are so addictive, it can quickly spiral into an out-of-control drug habit.

CNN estimates that 1.7 million individuals in America suffer from substance abuse problems related to the use or abuse of prescription medication with opioids. These include the following drugs:

  •          Hydrocodone
  •          Oxycodone
  •          Morphine

Local law enforcement and several government agencies have proposed stricter drug laws to combat the problem. However, many people in the medical profession believe that treatment is almost always the best option. Perhaps with this premise in mind, the FDA is working to make a life-saving drug more accessible and affordable for people who struggle with opioid addiction. This could save their lives in the event of an overdose.

The drug is called naloxone and it can help to block the effects of an opioid overdose if used in the early stages. For years, this drug has been not only been expensive but very difficult to acquire. It can cost as much as $4,100, but generic versions of the drug may retail for as low as $40. It comes in two main forms: a nasal spray or injection.

When more people have access to treatments like these for substance abuse disorders, they may have the opportunity to turn their lives around. Without treatment, the options many people are faced with include a life of addiction, possible drug charges and the risk of an early death.

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