White Collar Crimes: Four outside Georgia plead guilty

The penalties if convicted of mail or wire fraud in Georgia are often severe and may include an extended amount of time in prison. However, facing federal charges for alleged white collar crimes does not constitute guilt. A person’s chances to obtain a positive outcome typically increase when experienced legal representation is secured before standing before the court.

In many situations, after seeking guidance from a criminal lawyer, a defendant may enter a guilty plea in light of impending charges. It appears that four people have recently done so in a U.S. District Court. The defendants have each admitted taking part in an identity theft scheme that involved birth certificates and Social Security numbers.

White Collar Crimes: The alleged fraud plan reportedly was carried out beginning in April 2014. The persons involved were said to be conducting a trafficking operation of Puerto Rican birth certificates and Social Security cards. They apparently used Priority and Express mail services to transport the documents and disguised the activity by using false names on the packages.

In total, nine people were indicted in connection with the alleged white collar crimes. The ages of those accused range from 32 to 50. Even though a group of people may be accused of the same crimes, it does not necessarily mean that the outcome of each case will be the same. Building a strong and aggressive defense is crucial toward minimizing the negative impact such charges may have on one’s future. Anyone facing federal charges in Georgia who is in need of legal guidance may request a meeting with an experienced criminal lawyer to begin the process of crafting a defense.

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Source: journal-news.com, “Hamilton men plead guilty to federal identity theft charges”, Lauren Pack, March 31, 2016

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