Georgia Passes Law against

The State of Georgia has passed legislation, effective May 6, 2013 , that makes it illegal to charge a fee to remove booking photographs of exonerated people from websites. Please see

I can’t tell you how many clients have called me and said that prospective employers saw their mugshot on line and declined to hire them or current employers got wind of an arrest and fired them. Or, worse yet, family members, friends, etc have seen their mugshots and even though their cases were ultimately dismissed, the mugshot and accompanying charge lives on forever damaging their reputation. I have several clients that have had mugshots remain on the internet EVEN AFTER PAYING AND having their cases expunged.

Thank you, Roger Bruce, for introducing this bill and thank you, Georgia, for passing this legislation.

If you have been arrested, and your case was dismissed, you can now FIGHT these companies to take your mugshot down off of the internet and not PAY THEIR FEE. There are some procedural steps in doing so. Please feel free to contact Conaway & Strickler, PC, and we can give you those details.

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