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Georgia student focused on criminal defense for social media post

Something viewed as a humorous prank by one person could be perceived in a much different light by another. Every action taken, regardless of someone’s age, can potentially bring life-changing consequences. A college scholarship student in Georgia is likely preparing a criminal defense due to his actions involving a photo he allegedly snapped and posted on social media.

In Nov. 2016, a cadet at the University of North Georgia in his junior year went to a restroom in the Military Leadership Center in Dahlonega. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the cadet apparently saw one of his instructors at a urinal with his shorts pulled down. The cadet allegedly took a photo with his phone and sent it to some of his friends. Following that, the photo was purportedly shared on a messaging app and was seen by hundreds of viewers.

News of the photo reached university officials, and the cadet was asked to show it to his superiors. He now faces up to six years in prison regarding a felony charge of unlawful eavesdropping or surveillance and a misdemeanor charge of transmission of photography depicting nudity. Reports say that he could also be fined $51,000 for the incident. In addition, the student may lose his scholarship, which included funding for his room, meals, books and tuition.

The cadet has appeared before the school’s disciplinary panel. The panel was to determine whether he should be suspended or potentially lose his scholarship. On April 19, the panel determined that he would be suspended for two semesters and allowed to start back to school in 2018. The student apparently expressed regret over his actions and stated that he had learned his lesson.

Actions that are seemingly done in fun can still land someone in trouble. When an individual faces charges stemming from his or her behavior, it makes sense to seek the services of a Georgia criminal defense attorney. An experienced lawyer can discuss the complexities of the charges and the legal process and develop the best defense possible for a client.

Source:, “UNG cadet faces suspension and possible prison time for sharing bathroom photo“, Jonathan Carr, April 28, 2017

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