Health Care Prosecutions Heat Up along with the Summer Temperatures

The DOJ just announced more successes in health care prosecutions involving approximately $2.75 billion in intended losses and $1.6 billion in actual losses.  The case descriptions are varied, but the main jist is the same: the DOJ is utilizing nationwide efforts to crack down on health care fraud.  Attorney General Merrick Garland stated that law  enforcement has been working hard across 32 federal districts, and has filed charges against 193 defendants, for their roles in health care fraud schemes.

But, also he made sure to point out that in addition to the charges and arrests being announced, that the government also seized over $230 million in cash, luxury vehicles, gold, and other assets in connection with these cases.

The government comes after you with search warrants, warrants to freeze and seize your assets and subpoenas for your records.  Do not attempt to deal with these things alone Contact us so we can protect your license, your livelihood and your assets.



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