Sex crimes: High school staff member charged

A suspect was arrested after working at a new job as a band director for just two weeks. Georgia authorities charged the man with multiple sex crimes after he was accused of engaging in sexual behavior with high school students in another state. It is important for readers to remember that just because someone is charged with a crime, does not necessarily mean they are guilty.

Authorities received complaints from former students at a previous high school about alleged sexual encounters with the suspect. The allegations included sexual activity on school property and at the suspect’s home. The sexual activity was reported to have happened during a three-year period and involved at least eight girls. Multiple girls claimed that they were gagged and tied up by the band director. According to reports, authorities placed him under arrest at Thomas County Central High School where he recently began working.

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Reportedly, he was charged with unlawful imprisonment and sexual abuse. He was also charged with teacher engaging in sexual activity with students. Since the arrest, the band director has resigned from his position. This may come as a surprise to school officials who stated that a criminal background check was completed on him, and no issues came to light.

The defendant faces harsh penalties if convicted of his sex crimes charges. Understandably, Georgia prosecutors tend to be aggressive with regard to alleged crimes of this nature, particularly when the crimes involve children. In spite of the charges, state prosecutors will need to meet a strict burden of proof that the defendant engaged in sexual activity with the high school students for a conviction to be obtained. In addition, the defendant is presumed innocent until proved guilty.

Source: Fox News, “Georgia band director arrested on charges of sex with students at Alabama high school“, , Aug. 22, 2014

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