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Drug Charges: Investigation results in illegal charges in Georgia

Many drug charges investigations last for months before any arrests are made. Those in Georgia who become aware that they are subjects in formal criminal investigations can seek immediate assistance from experienced criminal defense attorneys. They do not have to wait to see if the investigation results in charges regarding illegal drugs being filed against them.

Because building a strong defense is typically crucial toward obtaining a positive outcome in court, it is best to discuss the situation with an attorney as soon as one is aware of it. This allows the attorney time to conduct a separate investigation, paying close attention to any interactions with law enforcement agents that may follow. It often happens that a person is accused of a crime and during the process of arrest, personal rights are violated. In such circumstances, any evidence collected by the prosecution can later be challenged in court.

Four men in Georgia were recently charged with drug crimes after a six-month investigation came to a close. The men range in age from 26 to 65. Apparently, the county sheriff’s office, the local police department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Southeastern Regional Drug Enforcement Office all contributed efforts in the investigation.

Charges involving illegal drugs in Georgia can obviously be very serious. Anyone accused will want to gain clear understanding of both state and federal laws that govern such matters before heading to court. A criminal attorney would be able to provide this type of clarification and also help a defendant explore whatever options might be available to present a strong defense.

Source:, “4 arrested after drug bust in Bryan County”, April 14, 2016

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