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Judge allows pair charged with tax fraud to continue filing taxes

Many taxpayers in Georgia and throughout the country are charged with fraud each year. When the person charged with tax fraud is a tax preparer, the situation becomes even more complicated. A judge in Fulton County recently allowed someone whose tax filings are under investigation to continue her tax preparation business.

A Hapeville councilwoman and her daughter are being investigated for alleged tax fraud by the Georgia Department of Revenue. Officials claim that the pair were being scrutinized after a local television station had questioned thousands of returns they had filed. There was speculation that the amount of the returns their clients had received were inflated.

As a result of the ongoing investigation, the tax preparers had been prevented from filing additional returns by an injunction from the state. Investigators claim that filings made by the pair have cost the state of Georgia millions of dollars. Any returns already filed by clients of the tax preparers will be reviewed by the state’s Department of Revenue. Officials contend that if filings continue, more problems will occur.

The tax preparers argue that their livelihood comes during tax season. They petitioned a judge to gain permission to keep working even though the investigation is ongoing. The judge ruled in favor of the councilwoman and her daughter, allowing them to resume filing taxes for their clients.

Being charged with tax fraud in Georgia can result in serious consequences. Someone convicted of tax fraud could face substantial fines or even jail time. A criminal defense attorney with tax law experience could be a tremendous help in developing an appropriate plan of action. A strong legal team will work to minimize the negative impact of charges for clients.

Source:, “Judge to rule on whether tax preparer accused of fraud can keep doing taxes“, Jodie Fleischer, March 2, 2017

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