Police arrest 8 individuals on drug charges in Georgia

Marijuana can come in various forms. One new form of marijuana, known as “ear wax,” is becoming more common in some parts of Georgia. However, no matter what form of the drug one is in possession of, it is still against the law. Eight individuals found this out after they were recently arrested on drug charges during two separate drug busts by law enforcement officials.

The series of arrests by local police began in mid-November after three men were arrested at an apartment complex. The three men allegedly were in possession of marijuana ear wax. Police also discovered several objects that they deemed to be drug-related. The three men consisted of two 18-year-olds and one 19-year-old.

The police then arrested another five individuals the next day for possession of marijuana ear wax. Law enforcement officials say they received a tip-off that enabled them to obtain a search warrant. Investigators found several containers of marijuana ear wax. Along with various drug-related objects, investigators also seized a firearm as well as suspected stolen items.

The defendants will now have to face the drug charges in a court of law in Georgia. The prosecution will surely be looking to leverage any evidence gathered by investigators to obtain a conviction. On the other hand, the same evidence can also be scrutinized by the defendants. This can help the defendants support their legal arguments in court and possibly result in the charges being dropped, which can help to avoid a lengthy sentence behind bars.

Source: statesboroherald.com, “8 arrested for ‘ear wax’ possession in Statesboro“, Holli Deal Saxon, Nov. 25, 2014

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