Pursuit leads to arrest, drug charges for Georgia man

Last Sunday afternoon, law enforcement in Milledgeville, Georgia arrived at an apartment complex to serve a 32-year-old man with two outstanding warrants for parole violation. Following a pursuit, they conducted a search that turned up items leading to additional drug charges

Authorities identified a man matching the description of the one they intended to arrest shortly after their arrival to the complex. Rather than walking over to the law enforcement officers as requested, the man instead ran away from them, running back and forth between the buildings of the apartment complex. Authorities yelled at the man to stop, pursued him and, after catching up with him, brought him to the ground due to uncertainty as to whether or not he was carrying a weapon. 

Once in handcuffs, the man reportedly confirmed to law enforcement that he was the one they had been attempting to arrest. Authorities helped him to his feet in order to conduct a weapons and narcotics search. Searching allegedly yielded seven white rock-like substances believed to be crack cocaine, a set of five plastic bags of the type used to package illegal drugs and a digital scale. 

In addition to the original warrants that prompted authorities’ visit to the man’s apartment complex, he now faces additional charges of obstruction of a law enforcement officer for running away and possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute because of the items allegedly discovered during the search. Authorities jailed the man in the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center following his arrest. 

Criminal charges can accumulate quickly, and the consequences can be devastating. Those facing prosecution for drug crimes may find it helpful to consult an attorney.


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