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Social media and online harassment

With the advent of social media, people have been able to take advantage of a number of benefits that were not previously available. For example, it has never been easier for family members and friends from across the world to stay in touch, or to meet new people online. Sharing content with a global audience has also become much easier and many people enjoy the benefits of social networking platforms, blogs, video hosting sites, and so on. However, problems related to these sites also arise from time to time, and those facing charges of online harassment may find themselves in a difficult position.

Harassment takes many forms, whether someone claims they were bullied or a parent says that his or her child was pushed to suicide as a result of someone else’s behavior. In an online environment, these issues can be especially problematic. Moreover, some people have found themselves falsely accused of online harassment. To some, these accusations may seem relatively insignificant. However, the consequences of online harassment charges can shatter one’s life, resulting in time behind bars, in some cases.

If you have been accused of online harassment, or if your child is facing these accusations, you may have no idea how to handle the situation. However, the next steps you take could have a major impact on the outcome of the case and your future. If you navigate to the cybercrime page on our law office’s site, more information interconnected with allegations of online harassment has been published.

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