Understanding why drug abuse is life-altering

When people are charged with using, distributing or selling drugs in Georgia, the penalties for such behaviors can vary depending on the circumstances surrounding their case, as well as how badly their actions may have affected other people. Drug abuse is a prevalent epidemic and one that many experts believe can be prevented with education and awareness beginning at a young age. 

When people make active efforts to inform their children of the dangers of drugs before they are ever introduced to them, it can make a considerable difference in how they respond if they are faced with a situation where they are offered to partake in drug use of some kind. According to KidsHealth, one way that parents can discuss the dangers of drugs with their children is by discussing how significantly drug use can affect the growth, response and function of a person’s brain.

Particularly in young people, drug use can have a long-term impression on their mental health and stability. Parents can also share how these decisions may impose a threat to other parts of the body, detract from their child’s ability to focus in school or sports and their child’s ability to maintain healthy relationships with other people.  

Drugabuse.com informs people of some of the serious consequences of using drugs including the possibility of time spent behind bars or in some other form of legal confinement. Heavy fines may also be required and notification about a person’s drug use will be added to their record which could affect their possibility of being trusted for things like owning a firearm, being granted funds for college, the chance to vote and the ability to get a job. 

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