What can I say to a loved one with addiction issues?

Many people who face drug charges in Atlanta also suffer from addiction issues. In addition to legal woes, addiction can hurt a person’s health, cause rifts between family members, and jeopardize employment. If you have a loved one who is suffering from addiction, your support is crucial during this time. To help you open an honest and trusting dialogue, Very Well Mind offers the following communication advice. 

First, realize that there’s no easy solution to drug addiction. It’s not usually a matter of will power, nor does it relate to a person’s ability to “pull themselves together”. In most instances, drug addiction is caused by numerous factors, including a person’s background, environment, and even genetics. Accordingly, it’s not helpful to admonish a person for not having their life together when addicted to drugs. Drug addiction is more like a medical problem, in the sense that formal treatment may be needed to allow your loved one to finally get clean. 

Next, refrain from making demands that the person quits cold turkey. With certain types of drugs, quitting cold turkey can actually have a number of detrimental effects. That’s why medically assisted detox is recommended for most serious drug addictions. Not only will this ensure a person’s health is monitored during the process, it will also prevent relapses, which are often caused by troubling withdrawal symptoms. When your loved one expresses a desire to get clean, offer your support and suggest a formal treatment program for the best results. 

Finally, never tell your loved one that drug addicts are impervious to change. Many people have turned their lives around with the right help, and have gone on to help others on their road to recovery. If an addict truly wants to break the cycle of addiction, it’s possible to do so, provided assistance is available. Telling a person that he is incapable of change causes a defeatist attitude, which is more likely to lead to future drug use. 


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