Tax Fraud: Woman has emotional breakdown in trial in Georgia

Tax Fraud: Being charged with a serious crime can be an emotionally challenging experience for many people. This is particularly true if a conviction can result in significant time behind bars. This seems to be what one woman is experiencing during her recent trial surrounding state tax fraud charges in Georgia.  (You can be charged at the state level or the federal level for these type of charges, although it is more commonly charged at the federal level)

According to reports by the media, the woman appeared visibly upset before the court proceedings began. The woman required removal from the courtroom and was later brought back in.  

A judge recently decided to push back the trial following the woman’s outburst in court. The trial will address multiple counts of tax fraud and other related crimes that the woman is now facing. The woman had allegedly been operating a tax preparation business when arrested for a tax fraud scheme in which she had allegedly filed thousands of fraudulent tax returns in order to obtain larger tax return payments for her customers.

This will give the Georgia woman more time to prepare here legal defense strategy against the tax fraud charges. Tax fraud charges usually carry a hefty sentence; however, in order for a legal defense strategy to be effective, one must be aware of the rules of evidence and court procedures. Also, understanding the relevant criminal laws and how they related to a specific case is of the utmost importance.

A good tax fraud attorney will help in these situations.

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