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Drug Charges: Two face marijuana charges in Georgia

Drug Charges: Everybody makes mistakes from time to time. This can be especially common among younger adults due to the lack of life experience. Many people make these types of mistakes while they are still college students. It turns out that two college student athletes in Georgia may have recently found themselves in this type of situation, and they are now facing marijuana charges.

The two football players are college freshmen and were arrested in early November. The two college athletes will now be facing misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession. The university is obligated to suspend each of the players for one game, in accordance with university policy. One of the suspects is a linebacker and has played in seven games, while the other suspect is a defensive lineman with prior appearances in two games for the team.

Few details as to how the suspects were allegedly caught with the illicit drugs have been released to the public by authorities. How the authorities obtained evidence implicating the suspects of the alleged crimes can play an important role in the two college athletes’ legal defense strategies. In fact, a strong legal defense strategy has been known to result in criminal charges being dropped or at least to lead to less severe punishments.

This can make the legal process less painful for the defendants, so they can get back to their lives in Georgia. However, a criminal court judge will ultimately decide how to deal with the marijuana charges. The judge will base his or her decision on the evidence and testimony presented.

Source:, “Two Georgia Football Players Arrested on Drug Charges”, Tony Potts, November 4, 2015

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