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Sex Crimes: Police chase ends in statutory rape charge in Georgia

Sex Crimes: There are times in each person’s life when one finds oneself in a less than ideal predicament. Many times this may involve the police, which could mean one will be facing serious legal problems. This is what two men in Georgia now face after recently being arrested for a variety of charges, including statutory rape.

The two men found themselves in a high-speed chase with police one evening in mid-November. It turns out the two suspects had a runaway juvenile with them at the time. The incident started when authorities had learned the runaway girl was traveling with the suspects along the highway. The chase eventually ended with a shootout with police.

Apparently, the two men and the runaway girl decided to ditch the vehicle they were traveling in and attempted to run away from police officers on foot. However, one man was caught by authorities while the girl was shocked by police using a Taser. The other suspect was shot by police officers and was then transported to a local medical facility for treatment.

The suspect who was hospitalized is now facing various criminal charges. These include aggravated assault, statutory rape, possession of a firearm, child molestation, fleeing and attempting to elude and numerous other criminal allegations he will have to face in court. The other suspect was also charged with aggravated assault along with a variety of other charges related to weapons and minors.

On the other hand, the two suspects will also have a chance to present their sides of the story in a court of law in Georgia. The defendants are presumed innocent of the statutory rape charge as well as any sex crimes charges until they are proved guilty in court. There may be various legal defense strategies available for the defendants to employ during the litigation process.

Source:, “Numerous charges for duo after police chase, officer-involved shooting”, Alexis Stevens, November 17, 2015

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