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4 travelers facing drug charges after traffic stop in Georgia

When one is pulled over in a traffic stop in Georgia, a particular outcome can never be assumed. Some situations end with an officer sending a motorist on his or her way after issuing some type of warning regarding a particular traffic offense. Other incidents quickly unfold, creating problems much more serious for drivers (and, sometimes other vehicle occupants, too). A recent traffic stop resulted in four people facing drug charges.

Two men and two women were in the vehicle. They were stopped by a police officer on a recent Thursday morning. The officer who approached the car at the time later claimed to have immediately smelled marijuana.

At some point, authorities allegedly seized approximately 70 ecstasy pills and at least $3,000 worth of marijuana. One official said he typically expects an increase in such arrests as the holiday season gets underway. All four persons who were riding together that day have been charged with possession of illegal drugs with intent to distribute. The two men who were charged are apparently brothers.

The defendants are currently being held in a county jail in Georgia. The investigation into the situation leading up to the drug charges has not yet been closed. Being charged with a drug-related crime just before Thanksgiving would obviously put a damper on one’s holiday. Typically, the best means for avoiding conviction and obtaining as positive a result as possible in court is to seek immediate assistance from a criminal defense attorney in the area.  As an advocate, an attorney can focus on protecting one’s rights and making certain that every available defense strategy toward a successful outcome is explored.

Source:, “Traffic stop turns to drug bust, four arrested”, Jim Wallace, Nov. 18, 2016

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