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Criminal Defense: Ross Harris #hotcardeath trial summary

Criminal Defense attorney Meg Strickler has been covering the Ross Harris #hotcardeath trial for WXIA NBC Affiliate in Atlanta.  She has appeared throughout the more than month long trial with anchor Vinnie Politan and his dream team of legal experts.  Click here for a sample of her commentary.  Ross Harris is accused of intentionally leaving his 22 month old son, Cooper, in a his small SUV to die on a very hot day in June of 2014 in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  The jury will probably come back this week with a verdict of at least the Felony Murder charge of Cruelty to Children second degree and counts six through eight that focus on his sexting with a minor.  His sentencing will probably be postponed for a bit of time after the trial ends.  But, ultimately, Ross Harris could be taxed with the famous “trial tax” and receive a long sentence of life plus an additional amount of years.  He will not get out of prison.

When trying a criminal case, there are many elements that come in to play.  Seasoned criminal defense attorneys, like Dan Conaway and Meg Strickler, are an essential part of a successful trial.  Most criminal cases require extensive knowledge and experience and Conaway & Strickler, PC has both.  But, also the lawyers for the defense and prosecution in the Ross Harris case are great examples of exceptional lawyers.  

When an incident occurs, it is CRUCIAL to hire an attorney as soon as possible.  With today’s technology, every word and movement is recorded. Do not add to the government’s case by talking freely with any government authority!  Allow the lawyer to assist early on.  It can only help.  

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